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23-25 October 2019 – Valencia, Spain


Thursday 6 December

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11:00 - 13:30

Networking Tour 1 - Street Art Tour

Meeting point at Torres de Serranos

Urban Art is gaining ground in Valencia. Celebrated local and foreign artist have turned the walls of El Carmen, Ruzafa and Cabañal districts into their creative space, embellishing the fronts of buildings with protest pieces or expressions of themost avant-garde art. In terms of quantity, el Barrio del Carmen district is a good place to start the street art route. There are interesting pieces in Calle del Tosalet or Calle Concordia, passing through Calle Portal de la Valldigna and Salinas. Next to Plaza del Tossal (Plaza de l’Espart y Calderers) attention should be drawn to Fasim’s mural paying homage to the victims of war, the works of Limón and Disneylexya; Escif’s car falling of a rooftop; or Blu’s immense Moses, which represents a criticism of the religion of money.

Plaza Tavernes de la Valldigna, featuring Lool’s cats, Deih’s mummy containing the universe, amd Erica II Cane’s façade with snails leading a horse, represents another interesting stop. A good option is to continue the route by taking in the plot of land next to Carrer de Dalt, calling for “a living neighbourhood”, before taking in Carrer de Baix y Pintor Fillol where magnificient works by Julieta can be contemplated. The finishing touch can be found along Calle Na Jordana and the adjacent streets where artistic expression is abundant. And very close by, the well-known street of colours (Calle Moret) with works by Luis Lonjedo and Deith interpreting the photographs of Antonio Calza, is a perfect end to the route.

Please email mala.patel@benchevents.com and indicate your interest to join on either Monday 3rd December or Thursday 6th December